Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally back to blogging!!

On tuesday, I accompanied Junhong to the Alexandra's Hospital and we waited for his army mates to arrive... which took them 1 hr!! the end, they waited for us instead. :/ My poor boy has been suffering from shin splint for 2 months!! The hospital was kinda inefficient... we went to consult the nurse, then doctor, followed by taking x-rays then back to the doctor again. Junhong was kinda worried as he was given 14 days of light duty mc BUT he is going for field camp next week. :/ We left the hospital at 12++ AM. Luckily, his friend Wee Kiat drove his car out... so together with Pei Ren and us, we headed to have our prata!!

We were searching for prata (as many were closed due to Hari Raya Haji) so we ended up at The Prata House!! I want to complain!! The service was kinda bad and inefficient. The staffs doesn't seemed to welcome you and neither they look interested to serve you. But the prata was not bad.. I was half dead as it was quite late already. Wee kiat drove all of us home... and I was kinda worried as Junhong stayed WEST which is so faraway from us... But luckily he reached home safely. :X Mr Lim, don't worry too much k? You will be better after you consulted the orthopaedics. (:

Back to today!! Overall, it has been quite an average day. But I was kinda upset during lunch time. The colleague that I am closest with, June is on leave... which means no lunch partner!! ): Aww~~ My supervisor told another colleague X to lunch with me 5 minutes before lunch. She then left as she was heading home for lunch. But...the colleague X asked another colleague Y and both of them left in a hurry WITHOUT me!! ): At that moment, my heart sank... as this was the first time I will be lunching alone. I strolled to the toilet and saw my supervisor and she asked, "Eh? Why are you alone? Where is colleague X?"

NVM, I walked to another canteen which is nearby our company and was intending to da bao back. I looked really upset I guess... But luckily I saw another colleague, Jacky and he asked me to join him and the other guy. I think I really look emo~ While queuing up for food, my another colleague Z asked if i wanna join her and another lady. Hahah. But soon I was feeling alright, after lunching with those two uncles. ;D

Time passed quite fast I was quite busy~~ keying in data, picking up calls. hahah. Both June and another colleague were on leave, so my hotline kept ringing & ringing~ So soon!! Tomorrow will be my 2nd month working at this company, after all I think it's considered manageable. But I did notice the change in me!! I no longer fear to talk to strangers on phone.

However, after I started working, I began to miss poly life... the fun that we have together, the foolish things that we do, the carefree time after lessons, etc. I miss camp preparation... I miss song session... can I have one song session during my 21st birthday celebration? HAHAH!!

Talking about my 21st birthday... I am still thinking how should I celebrate it... or may be I shouldn't celebrate it. I need some feedback from people~ (:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's another moody sunday!! ):

Back to blogging!! Few weeks back, I changed my wallet!! Goodbye to the super fat wallet!! HEHEH... My new wallet was a gift from Mr Lim Jun Hong. :D Thanks dear!!

Goodbye to my old wallet~~~

Hello!! My new wallet~~ <3
*Dont know why I cant rotate the vertical pictures to horizontal. );

This friday I attended my company's BBQ session... Hehe.. ate stingray, satay, hotdog and more... :D After the event, I went over to Chinatown to meet junhong!! We drank KOI and dear had mac for his dinner. Hahah... :D Though I'm tired, but it's worth it. heheh~~

Early Saturday morning, junhong accompanied me to Orchard Building for my company's X-rays checkup. After that, we had Pon Tan wan-ton mee @ Cineleisure and walked around at the Somerset 313 before heading to Bugis to shop. Hahah... After the shopping trip, we went to Katong Shopping Centre for our singing session!! Lastly, we ended our day at Dhoby ghaut to have our dinner. :D Both of us enjoyed the long day out!!

so adorable~ :X

Today we meet up again!! :D We went to Hougang Plaza's Nikon Mura to have our lunch!! I shall not post the photos here because it takes ages to load... Heheh!!~~
We wore our couple's starbucks tee out!! :D Our first couple outfit. :p

 Both our hearts were feeling heavy because it's a Sunday... book in day...
Looking forward to next saturday... Mr Lim's book out day!! <3

Monday, October 4, 2010

My third post!!

Hello!! Finally back to blog again! :D I was quite busy for the last few days! :p hehe! Junhong and I went for Sakura Buffet @ Punggol Marina for our dinner last fri! :D The only person left there was Belinda. hahah. Hehe. I managed to enjoy my BBQ Bak Gua and the super delicious durian puff!! HEHE! yum yum! Take a look at my yummy bak gua below! :p

Lalala~ On saturday night we headed to the night safari! We didn't know that it is Halloween season at night safari now!! ): When we reached there, we were greeted by a few people dressed up like ghosts!! ): There were zombies, monsters and there was this female ghost... i was super duper scared of her!! ): She was dressed up in cheongsum, holding a traditional paper umbrella, her face was white with red tears plus.. her eyes were super big!! ): So scary~ Hahah! She nearly drove me to tears. :X But.. there is this Z-bar at night safari which is very cute! The chairs.. the bottles... :D Look at the zebra chair I am sitting on! :D Hahah! The longgggg and skinny bottle! hehe!

On Sunday, we went to catch the movie : Legend of the fist. Hahah. As expected, Donnie Yen's moves were impressive!! Hero!! :D His heroic acts never failed to impress me! :p heheh!

Alright, after the movie, I met up with my family for dinner at Seafood Paradise Restaurant located at Singapore Flyer! First treat by ME! :D

I shall end my post with my favourite dish we ate there! :D

This is fried salted egg yolk prawns!! Superr nice!! :D

*Upcoming events*
Rebecca's birthday!
Uncle's birthday! (TASK: Need to find a restaurant with food + karaoke!! :D)

Monday, September 27, 2010

My second post!

Hi everyone! I shall start off with posting some pictures taken 2 weeks ago of howwwwwww dirty my room's table was! hahah!

Hehe! Super dusty! Actually it was also very messy! Now, take a look at the current NEAT table of mine! :D *Tadang!*

If anyone is interested or too rich and don't know where to spend their money at, you are strongly encourage to deposit / invest in Liying's Fund here... :D (Look at the picture below)

Hahah! Hopefully I can fill this "post-bank" up soon! Currently, it is half-filled. Hahah.

Alright, more pictures to go~ the following photos were taken during the dinner yesterday at Pioneer... superrrrrr far away from home! Most importantly, we travelled on the expressway for about 30 minutes! ):

The menu

My cousin and my niece!   

My dearest Guma and dearest Mummy~~ 

 Ting ting and I! (*she has lotsa actions!*)

The only food picture!

Hahah! I was too busy eating so didn't took any more food pictures! But what we ate yesterday were Fish (the pic abv), Coffee Ribs, Chilli Crabs, Fried Buns, Sambal Kang Kong with Sotongs, Mee Goreng and I think that should be all! Hahah! :D
After all, my food review : 3.5 stars / 5 stars

Counting down: 3 more days, MR LIM JUNHONG can finally book out! :D hurray! We will be going Punggol Sakura to dine on the coming Friday and heading to Night Safari on Saturday night! <3

Looking forward to the coming pay! :D
That's all for today! STAY TUNE~

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My first blog post!

Hahah! Hello to all the readers! :D I created a new blog because I have forgotten my previous blog's password. :X Suddenly, I have the urge to blog again and hopefully this time round the blog won't be neglected by me again! Hehe!

Let me start off with some pictures taken during my dinner with Celia, Derrick, Marcus and Zhang Kai at Soup Spoon located at Bugis Junction yesterday night! (My previous blog was fulled of words with no pictures, I remembered people complaining that is was too plain. Hahah!)

Hahah! This was the cheapest bill for our outings! Normally I will see $100++! After that we went over to City Hall and F1 vroooooooooom~ the sound was LOUD! But we didn't join the crowd to watch it. hahah! I'm too short to see anything also.

Aiya, I didn't take any photo with Venus Goh, my shopping partner for yesterday! Grins~ thanks for your accompany! (: I saw Jasmine (my cousin's friend), Xinyi, Nick & Qiao Yan at Bugis yesterday too! heheh!

I will update my blog again soon! Never gonna let it die! hahah! Going out for Ah Jie's Birthday Dinner later! <3